Is our treatment safe?

Of course! Our program is completely safe as you won’t have to take any products such as pills, milkshakes, or other, that can harm your health.

Our nutrition guides are prepared by experts and are customized for the specific needs of each of our clients, so you can be sure they are well balanced and designed for your lifestyle.

The pellets we put on your ear for auriculotherapy are made of surgical stainless steel, so you won’t have any allergic reaction.

Does it have side effects?

The material we place on your ear is 100% safe. People who are very sensitive may have a slight warm sensation during the first 30 minutes. Otherwise, what you’ll notice is less stress, less anxiety, a better digestion… you’ll even sleep better!

Yet, remember that during the first week you may feel the effects of the changes you’ve made in your diet. If at some point you feel a little dizzy, weak, or have a headache, try getting half an orange or some candy; those are normal symptoms due to the lack of the amount of sugar your body is accustomed to. If they don’t go away, call your therapist immediately.

Does it hurt?

No. The pellets we place over your ear are very small and put only a slight pressure over the ear skin, without penetrating it. 

Do I have to go on a diet?

Our Food Guides are not properly “diets”.  As it name implies, their mission is to guide you on what you should eat to make your weight loss an easy, quick, and mostly, a very healthy process. Therefore, you won’t have to count calories or worry about weighing your food.

After finishing the treatment, will I gain the weight back?

Not at all! With our program you won’t have a “rebound effect”. Your body will adapt little by little to its new weight and will be able to stabilize it. Our method doesn’t accelerate your metabolism artificially.

In Forma Vital our objective is that you adopt new lifelong habits that, being healthy and easy to be followed, you can incorporate into your daily life forever. Besides, to help you with your process, we offer you a FREE maintenance program, specially designed for each of our clients. So, don’t hesitate and ask your therapist about our program.

Can pregnant women take the program?

In Forma Vital we’ll give you Food Guides that will help you have a healthy diet and cut back on the cravings, which makes us suffer so much during pregnancy. Our purpose is that you and your baby stay healthy, but that you can easily get back to your old weight. During pregnancy, we don’t use pellets as they should be avoided during this stage.

Can I take the treatment while breastfeeding?

Though you are certainly anxious to lose the pounds you gained during pregnancy, it’s advisable that you wait until your baby doesn’t depend 100% on your breast milk.

If your baby is already having formula or other kind of food, you can begin with the program.

Is the program suitable for children?

Of course! In Forma Vital we have designed a safe program that can be taken by children from 6 on up.

What if I have diabetes?

Our Food Guides are perfectly balanced and 100% safe for everyone. However, if you’re using insulin of other diabetes medication, you’d better ask your doctor first and follow his/her instructions.

What do I do if the dots come off?

Generally, the dots stay in their place the whole week, but if they fall down during the first 5 days, you can always come back to your clinic where they’ll be replaced immediately and for free.

Should I take special care of the dots?

Nothing in particular. You can carry out your daily activities and take a bath without worrying. We only recommend you not to rub them.

If you have any doubt, click here, we’ll be happy to help you.