8 Ways in Which Weight Loss Benefits Your Life

Are You Ready for Change?

We all know everything about fitting better in our clothes, or to feel a whole more secure when losing a few pounds, but you may have not realized the varied and unexpected ways into which your life can change after weight loss.

Among some of the positive changes you may see when you begin to lose weight are the following:

  1. Energy Boost: Less pounds mean less energy to go about your day. Losing weight improves our blood’s oxygen saturation, which makes it easier to climb stairs or walk long distances without stopping every time to catch your breath.
  2. Improves memory: A study held in Sweden in 2012, showed that weight loss can also help your brain to become more active and thus, needing less resources to remember information, which means you’ll remember things more easily.
  3. Lower cancer risk: Obesity has been linked to several types of cancer. Levels of inflammation (caused by overweight) trigger cell changes that can lead to cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, losing just 5% of your weight can lower these levels.
  4. Exercising is easier: When we carry some extra pounds, it’s more difficult to do exercise, and we also run the risk of hurting our joints and lungs more than someone with a normal weight. Once you start losing weight exercising becomes less a heavy duty and more like fun.
  5. Adopt new and healthier habits: Once you start noticing the good effect new habits – such as appropriate portions of healthy food and exercise – have over your mind and body, surely you won’t go back to the old, bad ones, which made you gain weight in the first place.
  6. Spend less money in health care: Health Affairs (2012) states that obese people spend about 42% more money in health care than their normal-weight peers. Besides, researchers found they spend $1,429 more in medical prescriptions to manage chronic conditions.
  7. More sweet dreams: Finnish researchers discovered that even slight weight loss helps you sleep an average of 22 more minutes per night. In addition, better sleep helps your body burn more fat, which means that the more you sleep, the more pounds you’ll lose.
  8. You can be promoted: Some researches shows overweight people make less money, especially women. A study published in Health Economics showed the salary of obese people is 2.5% less than their thinner colleagues.

As you have seen, weight loss brings along many benefits that change your life in a very positive way. Having a normal, healthy weight does not only makes us feel better physically, but if accompanied with a change in our habits, it helps us to be mentally healthy as well.

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