Believe it or not, the biggest obstacle we face when we’re trying to lose weight is ourselves. Topics such as weight and food are usually very personal and thus, related to other issues like self-image, depression, eating disorders, and addictions.

When we have a terrible relationship with food and are unable to take control of our emotions, it’s very difficult to stick to a nutritional or physical-activity program, which could help us achieve our ideal figure and maintain a healthy weight. Fortunately, there are professionals who can give us emotional support and accompany us through our weight-loss process.

Nutritional Coaching

Nutritional coaching is the process which helps us achieve a healthy and sustainable change from within, and with the aid of a professional: a nutritional coach. The role of a nutritional coach is to help us discover our capabilities, and to improve or achieve specific objectives of our lives.

A nutritional coach enables us to identify the situations or obstacles which prevent us from stick to a weight-loss program. Once we identify the problem, the coach will help us balance those aspects, take control over what we eat and our physical activity, while taking care of our emotional state through the different stages of our weight-loss process.

When to look for a nutritional coach

  • You know the theory by heart, but cannot put it into practice. You know well which food you can eat and which you shouldn’t; that you should exercise and change your habits. However, you cannot do it and always go back to your old, bad habits.
  • You always put the blame on your “lack of willingness”. To lose weight, other than willingness, what you need is to find your authentic motivation. A coach will help you define your objectives: why do you want to lose weight? What do you want to look like? What do you want for yourself?
  • You eat without being hungry. You confuse physical hunger with emotional hunger. You cannot even remember what you ate during the day!
  • You’re always procrastinating. You always say: “I’ll start on Monday…”, “I cannot do it right now…”, and the right moment never arrives.
  • You eat emotionally: You’re not looking for options to nurture your body, but turn to food to calm your emotions.

If you marked at least three of the above, you might be needing a nutritional coach urgently to help you with your weight loss. Here at Forma Vital we offer you a comprehensive program that combines food guides specially tailored for you, along with the coaching of our therapists, which will accompany you until you reach your weight-loss objectives. Don’t hesitate any longer! #DecideItNow.