“Thanks” is one of the first words we learn as kids; however, gratitude is a value underestimated in a world where we don’t seem to have any spare time. Thus, gratitude has become just a way of politeness; we are too used to saying thanks automatically, not very enthusiastically, and without really meaning it.

But what if saying thanks could bring us several other benefits more than just being polite? Here we’re going to explain you how saying thanks can make your life better.

Express your gratitude every day

Introducing gratitude in our everyday lives looks easier than it actually is. The best advice is to “cultivate” gratitude. That is, to pay attention to what’s happening in our day-to-day that is good for us: someone who gave up his/her seat to us in the bus, the one who smiles at us on the street, or holds the door open for us at the supermarket… all those tiny gestures we usually don’t notice, or we forget almost immediately.

When we show gratitude, we feel much better since we are aware of what makes us happy. In such way we enter into a virtuous circle: being happier makes us have the necessary energy to carry out all our tasks, whether it is to look after our beloved ones, or change the world.

It’s all about focusing on the positive and not in the negative.

Gratitude can change our life and improve our health

Through the 1990s, Masaru Emoto, author of the bestseller Messages from Water, carried out a series of experiments to observe the physical effect of words, prayers, music, and environment on the crystalline structure of water. What he discovered is that water could memorize the information it gets from its environment.

The researcher covered bottles of frozen water with paper and wrote different words over them, both positive and negative. 24 hours later, he discovered that the shape of the frozen water crystals was closely related to the words written on them, as well as to the intention set on that water: while the crystals tagged with positive words were beautiful and perfect, the ones tagged with negative words produced disfigured crystals.

From these experiments, Emoto found out that the most perfect and beautiful water crystals were the ones tagged with the words: “Love and Gratitude”

According to the Japanese researcher: “love and gratitude represent the fundamental principles of the law of nature and life phenomena” and therefore, they form those perfectly symmetrical and beautiful crystals.

Now, if we take into account that the average human body is 60% water, just imagine how profound are the implications that words and thoughts have on our health and well-being!

Let’s fill the earth with love and gratitude

Science has proved that gratitude helps us appreciate our environment, and it benefits our physical and mental health as well. Looking on the bright side of life is the best way to look on the bright things of life, and thus, to relieve the stress and anxiety caused by certain situations.

When Masaru Emoto was asked about how the responsive nature of water to human emotions can be utilized to heal mankind and earth, his advice was: “Let your actions be based on the thoughts of love and gratitude. Love is a giving energy and gratitude is a receiving energy. If you always have these two words in your mind and your actions are based on these concepts, you can naturally give people positive energy.”

The best part is that we don’t have to wait to any special date to give thanks, though there are certainly a few days when it’s worth doing so. Therefore, all of us who are part of Forma Vital want to thank you for your trust and for giving us the opportunity of being part of your process to achieve a better quality of life. Thank you!