Whether you’re trying to lose some weight or to maintain your current weight, holidays are quite a challenge. In North America, Thanksgiving officially opens Holiday season, and along with it, more than a month of delicious food, toasts, as well as a few pounds over. Fortunately, there are some ways in which you can avoid gaining weight during the holidays, and not to lose control, your mind, and your waistline, in the process.

If you’re to gain something, let it not be pounds

According to an investigation held by the Calorie Control Council, Americans consume more than 4,500 calories of fat, from snacking and traditional holiday dishes, gaining around one pound during the holiday season. That really doesn’t sound like too much, unless you gain – and don’t lose – that extra pound each year.

In addition, during holidays, many of us stop eating usual food; after all, we can only get to eat mamma’s special once a year. In fact, studies have shown that during the holidays we don’t even realize the amount of food we eat, as if holiday food couldn’t put on us a few extra pounds. That makes us lose control on our food and beverage intake.

Some tips to avoid gaining weight during the holidays

As we sure that you’re not going to stay at home during the holidays, here are some tips that’ll help you avoid gaining weight during this season and enjoy without harming your health.

  • Stay in shape emotionally: If you eat to nurture your body instead of eating to deal with your emotions, then it’ll be easier for you stop eating when satisfied or to even say “no” to unhealthy food.
  • Stay active: Even if winter days call us to hibernate, get out of your house or office! You can take a walk during lunch break, walk to the grocery store, go ice skating, and dance whenever you’ve got the chance… Being active will help you stay in shape as well as to curb your cravings.
  • Cut back on the booze: most alcoholic beverages contain a bunch of empty calories, and they make us lose track of what we eat; hence, we overeat without even noticing. Instead of booze, drink plain water or low-sugar beverages.
  • Don’t arrive with an empty stomach: Have a healthy snack before you leave home; you won’t be that hungry and you’d have eaten something good for your body. Besides, skipping meals may lead us to overeat and thus, gain weight.
  • Serve yourself smaller portions: When the portions served on your plate are smaller in size, you also consume less food. If you’re being served, ask for smaller portions of high-fat and high-sugar food. On the contrary, ask for larger portions of nutritious food.
  • Avoid having “holiday” snacks at hand: Avoid having a bowl with chocolates or candy at your desk or over your kitchen counter. If you must bring it, put it out of your reach, that’ll make it more difficult for you to take one after the other.
  • Be careful with leftovers: If you host a party, you may have lots of leftovers to binge on. If you give them away to someone less fortunate, you’ll avoid the temptation and will help someone as well.
  • If you need help, ask for it: For some of us it’s nearly impossible to control our binge eating during this holiday season, so we end up with a couple of extra pounds and a feeling of guilt. Having professional help, will make it easier and, by the way, we may learn how to have a healthier lifestyle.

As you can see, to keep a healthy and steady weight through the holidays may not be as difficult as it seems. It’s just a question of decision and will power, so #DecideItNow.

The end result isn’t just a thinner you; it’s a happier you. A holiday season that really is filled with peace and joy!